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Kids OS

Android based mobile operating system that keeps children safe online, anytime, any age

KidsOS is a mobile helper for parents that helps their children to use their mobile devices such as a mobile phone or a tablet remotely.

"Being a parent is too complicated and emotional
a task for magical techniques and miracle cures."
Ron Taffel


to KidsOS

Our goal is to create a mobile Operating System for kids that is far from being a toy. Our intention is to a develop fully functional product with an ecosystem around it. It will allow parents to help, guide and keep children safe while using their mobile devices. Every parent wants to raise their children in the best way, lead them through obstacles and keep away from dangers of everyday life.


Mobile phones and tablets with KidsOS installed are great tools for parents in following


Simple ways to moderate and set rules for accessible times and duration of applications used on your child's device.


Connect and manage various mobile devices such as a mobile phone or tablet with a parental account.


Track your child's device by seeing it on a map and view their route history within a specific time range.


Be safe in seconds with predefined profile settings, or use the flexible configuration system for your own safety needs.


Setup notifications that suits your requirements via email or push messages.

Social Login

Sign up or update your profile by using one of your favorite social accounts (Facebook/Twitter/G+).

Software Intelligence

Intelligent software development processes and algorithms provide a minimum impact on your child's device battery life.


See device status in real time (e.g battery/usage time/cpu) as well as detailed usage statistics of your child's device.

Offline Mode

All settings and application rules will be saved on the device which means device will be safely used even if there’s no network connectivity.

Web Monitoring

Allow/deny or watch how your child is using the Internet. Flexible rules help you to configure the best options for your child.


Set up notifications for a certain time range when targeted device will leave or enter your predefined zone.

More to come...

We have many great ideas yet to be implemented. Wait for more features in the near future or suggest your own by clicking on the button on the right.

Parents Portal

Parental Control Center

Each parent who has paired their child’s device such as a phone or tablet to the KidsOS system, will have access to the above features on our website. One of the main functions is the possibility to allow or deny access to applications and see the geographical positioning of the connected devices on a map. However, this is not all, the website is a great place for parents to socialise; it allows them to share their opinions and recommendations about applications according to different age groups.

Beside that, most of the website's functionalities are reflected in a dedicated native mobile application where parents have most of the features with no need of using a computer or a browser and makes it easy to communicate with their children.


KidsOS team

We are a young group of creative enthusiasts with a strong technical background and years of related experience in software development. This experience in various areas of technology making us strong problem solvers. We work closely with other parents and schools to reveal problems. Field professionals help us to further improve our product.

But the most valuable part is - we are all parents and we do it for our children.

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